American Passport & Visa International
Gylands' Getaways Travel Document Support

You will need to provide 6 - 10 secondary proofs of identification if:

  • Your Driver's License or State Issued ID has been issued less than 6 months ago. 
  • None of the items from the Proof of Identification list are available to prove your ID. 
Documents that bear your photograph, signature, and/or physical description are particularly helpful. You should attempt to submit a combination of personal documents and public records that have been issued over a period of time. 
School Yearbook Photograph
Applicant name and name of the school
and issue year must be included.
Employment Identification Card/Records*
Federal, State or Municipal Identification Card*
Student Identification Card*
Driver's License
Valid/Expired/Suspension notice.
Military Records (DD-214)**
Selective Service Registration/Classification**
Union Membership Cards

Must have the name/signature
or name/photo and issuance date
Military Identification*
Professional License
Nurse, Beautician, Pilot, Mechanic, etc.
Physician's or Immunization Records**
Medicare/Health Insurance Card**
Welfare Card**
Marriage Certificates/Licenses and Divorce Decrees**
School Transcripts
Insurance Records
Expired Passport
Hospital Birth Certificate
Baptismal Certificate or other Religious Records
Voter's Registration Card**
Income Tax Records/W-2 Forms
Banking Records
Newspaper Articles

Must include your photo and name,
and newspapers' name and date.
Publicity Features
Children's Birth Certificates
With parent's name matching the application.
Mortgage, Lease or Rental Agreements
Parents' or Siblings' Birth Certificates
Social Security Card**
Traffic Ticket**
Any other document that has a name
and signature or name and photo can be submitted,
but ultimately it is up to the
Department of State what they will accept.

*Must have date.
**Must have legal signature and date.